School Fundraising Program


We receive a large amount of requests from schools looking for new and interesting fundraising opportunities.  As parents ourselves, this strikes close to home and we want to help.  For this reason, we created the yubo school fundraising program as an effortless way for schools to raise money for essential programs while meeting a basic need of children everywhere.

How it Works:

At your request, we provide your school or district with a special code for parents to use when checking out on  This code is unique to your program and runs for a set period of time (typically 1-2 weeks).  During that time, your school or district will receive 20% of all purchases made using that unique code.  This includes yubo lunchboxes, additional faceplates, tags, food containers, and more - everything we offer.  At the end of the set time period, we calculate the total amount raised and mail a check to your school.

We have found this is a very simple way we can work together to help raise money for our schools.  The key is to get the word out to all the parents and kids so they know the code to use and when to buy for the best results!

If you are interested in designing a custom faceplate set for your school and purchasing the lunchboxes in advance directly from yubo, please see our group purchase program.

Getting Started:

Just fill out the application below: