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Cathy B Design (browse Cathy's designs)


As an illustrator and designer, Cathy B creates whimsical art for an assortment of clients, each with unique
needs. From her beginnings at the Walt Disney Company to work with other entertainment licenses as well
as her own licensing business, she has been fortunate to bring life to ideas and concepts that exist only in
one's imagination. Versatility as an artist allows Cathy B to bring physical form to positive energy creating
work that is fun, original, and fresh. 

Cathy lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and three children. Austin's cool hip culture and unique feel
allows for market research to come easily and daily. 

In a nutshell, Cathy loves creating fun art that makes people happy. You can learn more about Cathy at


Robyn Miller Design (browse Robyn's designs)


Robyn Miller's style comes from her background as a children's book designer. She later went on to work in
the world of magazine publishing for premier titles such as New York Magazine, Shape, Fit Pregnancy, and 
finally, as the promotion art director for SELF Magazine. Robyn began illustrating birth announcements as
gifts for friends. 

Before long, those few friends turned into friends of friends, and she found herself with a budding business.
In 2003, she officially launched Robyn Miller Design. Now a mother of two, Robyn continues to illustrate and
design new products as she gets fully entrenched in the children's social scene. Robyn's line has expanded to
include party invitations, moving announcements and holiday cards. She currently lives in New York with her
husband, Todd, and their sons, Jonah and Griffin.

Robyn Miller's vibrant and cheerful designs designs have garnered her celebrity clients such as Brooke Shields,
Ricki Lake and Bryce Dallas Howard. Her work has been featured in publications such as Brides magazine, L.A.
Kids, The Nest, UrbanBaby and People Magazine's Celebrity Baby.
Learn more at


PB&J Design (browse Jill and Brady's designs)


Artists and brother/sister duo (Patrick) Brady and Jill Smith were born into an absolutely amazing family. Growing up, they
were only allowed to watch 30 minutes of TV a week, so there was plenty of time leftover to learn to be creative and silly.
They used to sit on top of their dad's drafting table and draw on really big sheets of paper. The Smith house was never
short on crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, or inspiration. With parents who did (and still do) encourage them to work for
themselves and to enjoy what they do, they have both created a life where they create art from their homes.

Brady lives in Los Angeles, CA with his lovely wife and their 2 dogs, Buck and Pearl. In addition to art, he makes a living
as an actor.

Jill lives in Houston, TX with her husband, sweet baby Pace, and their 2 dogs, Blue and Trip. In addition to art, she designs
stationery and spends her time playing with her kiddo. 

For yubo, they've merged jill smith design and Brady Smith Creative to bring you PB&J. To view more of their work, check
out their websites at and

Between the two of them, they have designed for such companies as Mercedes-Benz, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,
American Express, Southwest Airlines, HEB/Central Market and have had their work featured in such media as CBS,
InStyle, Daily Candy, and Lucky magazine to name a few.

Molly Bernarding, mingle studios (browse Molly's designs)


Inspired by her 2 year old son, Molly began creating a line of children's graphics that has expanded to include fabric,
art prints and product designs. Through the launch of her own company, mingle studios, Molly reinvigorated her love
of vibrant color, patterns and children's motifs. Her line offers a refreshing balance of simple illustrations, color and
modern design elements.

Molly began her career in brand identity development and packaging design. As a creative director for a national
sporting goods retailer, she led the creation of identity systems for brands like Reebok, Koppen, Field & Stream, Nike
ACG, Umbro, adidas, Maxfli, Nishiki and Slazenger.

Molly currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, son and their two dogs.

You can view more about Molly and her line at

April Chang, April Chang Designs (browse April's designs)


April's inspiration for children's design comes from her large family. 

As the second oldest of 6 siblings (the youngest being a 6 year old girl) she has found her passion for design since
school. She started off slow from designing Myspace layouts and event invitations using Windows Paint application
gradually worked her way to using Adobe Suite. 
April's true calling was during her senior year in high school. She was inspired by her Graphic Design instructor, Mr. Love,
through his encouragement to enter a design competition. April won 1st place and won 2 more awards (best Website
and Peoples Choice in her class). April currently attends the Art Institute of San Fransisco for Graphic Design.   
April lives in the CA Bay Area, with her mother, boyfriend, and their pet poodle, Missy. When April is not behind a
you can find her in the kitchen baking, crafting or making D.I.Y. projects.