Volume Purchase

The flexibility of the yubo lunchbox makes it a dream for large groups and organizations looking to do something unique and fun! Whether you are a co-op making a group purchase, or a business wanting to promote your brand - the ideas are endless. You can choose from any of our designs, or you can send us your own images to create your own custom lunchboxes.

How it Works:

The Volume Purchase Program provides a discount on a one-time volume purchase of yubo lunchboxes. You can select different lunchbox designs and still be eligible for the discount. Accessory items are not eligible under this program.

The custom faceplate design is entirely up to you and the demands of your event or organization. Some use their organization's logo, while others design someting completely unique to match the occassion.  Think of it as a blank canvas to express yourself! PDF proofs are available upon request.

Discount Rates: 

The minimum order is 100 lunchboxes.

100 - 200 lunchboxes | 20%

> 201 lunchboxes | 25%

Getting Started:

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a girls soccer club - it is all the same to us.  We are here to help and bring a smile to everyone's face.  Simply fill out the application below - we can't wait to start working together!